Geo Fencing

Our unique and advanced technology allows you to actually target people that have visited specific locations.  Perfect for advertising to people that visited your competition! Steal your competitors customers and have them do business with YOU.

Video Marketing

Videos account for 85% of online traffic in the US. Web pages with videos in them generally experience an increase of 157%  in Organic Traffic.

Did you know that one minute of video is worth 1.8 Million words? Customers trust websites that have videos and are far more likely to become your customer.

Google Maps Listing

Our Google Maps marketing team excels at getting your business appearing in the top 3 positions in the Google Maps area.  Get in front of your target audience now.


Our Geo Fencing & Mobile Conquesting Services Gets You In Front Of Your Future Customers

Our unique and advanced technology works through the GPS system and “tags” people once they enter a targeted zone (such as your local competition’s place of business).

This allows you to target to a much more defined audience, while saving money along the way.

Don’t limit yourself to advertising on just one platform.  Our massive targeting approach will get your ad appearing on literally thousands of places.

Once we have captured your targets, we start getting your ad in front of them.  Our advanced media connections ensure that your ad dominates their mobile device while at the same time not be disruptive.

This is a GREAT Marketing advantage over your competition.

Legally STEAL your competitors customers and bring them over to your business. 

Burger King did this SAME tactic and STOLE Customers from McDonalds. Do you want to read about this CLICK HERE.

Your targeted ads will appear places like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, popular apps & games, and more.

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Additional Services


Our search engine optimization services (SEO) will get your business appearing on the first page of Google in the Google Maps area.  Our advanced strategies ensure that you get the best placement possible. Search engine leads are incredibly valuable.


Video account for 85% of the online traffic. Not having a video promoting your business can make the difference between a successful business or one on the brink of closing.

We specialize in all kinds of video creation services. Our explainer videos simplify the concept for your clients and customers by breaking the components down using memorable visuals and an engaging narrative.


If your business has a logo or just a tag line.  Using our logo animations will impress and grasp everyone’s attention.  You can pick a serious animation or have fun with our funny logo animations.

Having an animated logo of your business will grab the attention of your potential client or customer.  Would you go with the old style of logo which does nothing or go with a unique eye catching animated logo which everyone will be talking about?


Add a Chat Bot to your blogs, websites and landing pages, so you can interact with visitors and get them to click on your affiliate links or to get them on your lists!

Your onscreen chat agent will interact with visitors and get them to subscribe to your list or to visit an affiliate page dynamically… no landing pages or opt-in forms needed!

Client Testimonials

“We had never heard of Geo Targeting people, but it works.  I’m glad we signed up. Our sales have doubled.”

Steven P. (Auto Sales Mania)

“It has been a real pleasure working with Angel Wings Marketing. Our monthly clients have TRIPLED!!! Your Geo Target Marketing WORKS!


Alen S. (Lawyer)

“ We tried emails, mailings, phone calls, and all kinds of internet marketing, but none compare to how you target clients.  Your process is very laser focused  on targeting the clients we were looking for our business. It’s was worth every penny. ”

Sandy L. (Legal Nurse Consultant)

“ I love it on how we are able to target my competition’s potential customers and bring them to our store.   You folks saved my business! We are selling more boats this year than any other year. “

Robert K. (J.M. Marina)